September Bonus - A Week in the Life of Podcasters


This September bonus episode is our way of celebrating International Podcasting Day. We spent the week audio journalling our adventures and mishaps, recording on handheld devices on the fly - often while driving it seemed. We ended up talking a lot about other great podcasts too, so make sure to check them out. We hope this behind the scenes episode sheds some light on what it's like being a podcaster. Hopefully, somehow, it can help bring us all a little closer together. 

Music in this episode:

  • Chill Beat by Frank Nora
  • Anjou by Kevin MacLeod
  • Jethro on the Run by Unknown
  • A Wormhole in the Top of the World by Magdalen
  • Monster by White Flag Agenda
  • Prefunk Loop by Kevin MacLeod
  • Sloppy Bossa Loop by Kevin MacLeod
  • Pulling the Plug on Kindness by Kevin MacLeod
  • Funkereffic by Kevin MacLeod
  • All in a Silver Line by statusq
  • All You Need is Noise by Alpha Hydrae
  • Taboom by Kevin MacLeod
  • Sabre and Spurs by The US Marine Band
  • Heaven Is Free by Kevin MacLeod
  • Firsts Theme by Kevin MacLeod
  • Shaving Mirror by Kevin MacLeod

Concluding thought:  

One advantage in keeping a diary is that you become aware with reassuring clarity of the changes which you constantly suffer.

-Franz Kafka



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