Jahmeelah Gamble just Slay’d the Mic

Matt sat down with disability advocate, educator, public speaker and podcaster Jahmeelah Gamble. If you like going down rabbit holes, this is the episode for you. We chatted about balancing conflicting cultural expectations in an educational context, accidently landing a TV show for 6 seasons and the ways Jahmeelah has endeavored to be a humanist rather than a knight in shining armor.
Matt shares a little confession, while Jahm talks about her brand. Spoiler: it’s intersectional-reflexive applied empathetic-humanism! Matt also gets Jahm to explain how and why she became such a strong education advocate and how advocacy extends well beyond the classroom to permeate all aspects of life.
As a public speaker, Jahmeelah shies away from intentionally trying to inspire while being mindful of the power in setting an example. Wrapping up the conversation, Matt explores how Jahm’s faith intersects with her speaking and advocacy. Jahm gives us an impassioned description of the struggles facing educational aid workers in Canada.
Jahmeelah’s message of empowerment and positivity is downright infectious, so be sure to check out the Slay the Mic Podcast. To witness the Connector of People, Ideas and Energy in action visit: https://www.msjam.ca/. Follow Slay The Mic on Twitter at: @slaythemicpod and Jahmeelah at: @Iamjamgamble. Go ahead and take a Gamble on yourself!
Big thanks to Jenna from the Meet me in the Woods podcast for introducing us to Gigi Edgley who graciously allowed us to play her awesome music. Gigi and Jake Edgley have embarked upon a world tour which you can keep track of at https://www.wanderland.love/tourdates/. Follow Gigi on Twitter https://twitter.com/GigiEdgley and listen to Gigi and Jake Edgley’s Stand By Me on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hgCA7x3X2EE and Gigi Edgley’s Closer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OqAi-tLCgH0.
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