Fatherland - Mini-Series Part 3


Aaron is back with Phil to tell us all about The Fatherland. Recorded at Carleton University, where Aaron completed his Master’s and Doctoral work, Phil wonders if he’ll escape these solemn halls or is also destined to roam like the poets. Whatever the outcome, delivery of online orders will probably fail.

Fatherland - Mini-Series Part 3 (13:30)

Aaron connects an aborted essay, the anxiety of parenting and a vision of a fallen soldier to something like an allegiance to ‘The Fatherland’. We ask what the relationships between state power and patriarchal power could be. From the etymology of patriot, which follows the Greek patrios, we explore historical cultural expressions of the patriarch. Aaron points us to The Road (by Cormac McCarthy), The Walking Dead, Mad Max: Fury Road and Mad Men to argue that the characteristics of the mythical patriarch have been questioned and, maybe, undone. If so, Phil wonders about the implications in relation to state formation. Can a politics of state relations be imagined without the image of the patriarch? What does that entail?

Recommendations (1:29:38)

Concluding thought: If one finds oneself stuck in a labyrinth, it’s probably for a good reason.


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Music: Song "Soul Challenger" appearing on "Cullahnary School" by Cullah
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