October Bonus - Is Anyone There?


This bonus episode features us, Matt & Phil, escaping a zombie apocalypse. Luckily, we end up connecting over the airwaves with Alex & Zach from the Is Anyone There podcast. After having travelled through the infested terrain of Ottawa, Ontario and made our way to a safe bunker, Alex & Zach gave us much needed survival tips: light a bunch of gas on fire to make a smoke signal, empty out all our water because it could have killed us, and cut off Matt's arm. Do we survive? Probably. Is it because of Alex & Zach? Probably not. Do we figure out how to use Doxa? "Our praxis is better than yours. Our praxis brings all the zombies to the yard"...so ya, we do. This story is our Halloween 2017 treat. We really hope you enjoy it. 

Stay safe,

Matt & Phil


Music & Sound Effects in this Episode:

If you enjoyed this epsisode, we strongly urge you to make a donation to the Gord Downie & Chanie Wenjack Fund and/or the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation. Please help continue Gord's charitable & activist work. He left us with memories and a lifetime of music to enjoy. Helping the causes he cared about is the best way we can think of to thank him now. 





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